Compliance Ratio doen't balance with the conformance

I would like to understand why my compliance ratio doen’t balance with the compliance of Celonis.

That are the formula for my compliance ratio : KPI(“Ratio”, PROCESS EQUALS START ‘Create Purchase Requisition Item’ TO ‘Create Purchase Order Item’ TO ‘Record Goods Receipt’ TO ‘Record Invoice Receipt’ END)

and the process that I create in the compliance form from celonis is :

But my ratio give me a number different that the compliance form from celonis… why ?

Hi Audrey,

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Can you please let me know which Celonis version you are using (CPM4.5, CPM4.4, IBC, …)?

Do you have any whitelisted violations in your conformance checker?



We are using this one :

And No, I have no whitelist :


Thanks a lot

Hi Audrey,

then I think the reason is the following: In CPM4.3, incomplete cases count as conformant cases.
So when you have the model

and a Case in your data is

then this case is a conformant case in the Conformance checker (no violation), but it will not be counted in your PROCESS EQUALS ratio. So I expect your Conformance rate in the Conformance checker is higher than the ratio you get out of the PROCESS EQUALS statement.

In CPM4.5, incomplete cases are shown as a separate violation in the Conformance checker. Here, the numbers should match.