changing Case_ID - How does it work?

Hello, i want to visualize a big process in Celonis. This process runs through several systems. I now have the problem with my CASE_ID because they change through the process.
This means, for example, that the process begins with a measure number, later the measure number becomes an order, and in the end this order becomes another order. So the 1: 1 relationship is given, but I have to consider the change of the CASE_ID. Can someone help me?

Step1: 700350000
Step2: 6125600
Step3: 6185600


Hey Steven,

This Transformation has to happen before you load your datamodel, exactly then when you are creating the Activity Table in Celonis (SQL), Excel or any other SQL program you use to combine the data from your several systems. The Case_ID has to stay the same in the Event Log for one Case, but your Case_ID can be any given number and is up to your choice. Normally you would do the according joins when creating the activity. I would recommend looking into tutorials on How to work with SQL and Inner / Left / Right Joins + Filters.

Best Regards,