Change table name with variable

Hey pros,

I want to upload lots of table with the same columns, like article number and price. To select which version/table should be analysed I want to setup a variable with the name of the table.

COUNT(DISTINCT “SupplierA_v10.csv”.“Teilenummer des Lieferanten”)

Should be something like that
COUNT(DISTINCT " || <%= Name_Update %> || .csv".“Teilenummer des Lieferanten”)

Do you have any ideas how to set this up?

Many thanks ahead and br

Hi Daniel,

thanks for reaching out to the Celonis Community Forum.

You can solve your problem in the following way:

  1. Build a variable (e.g. <%=selection%>)
  2. Build a Button Dropdown with Manual Inputs to declare the variable.
    Try to use the full table name, like “SupplierA_v10.csv” (with apostrophes).
  3. User your variable in a component (e.g. COUNT(DISTINCT <%=selection%>.“Teilenummer des Lieferanten”)

Let us know, if this solves your problem.

Happy Process Mining!

Your Celonis Community Forum Team!