Change group format from date to string

In the grouping field, I am using ROUND_MONTH(“EKKO”.“AEDAT”) as legend, but in the chart, it is showing date format as grouping column image . How can I change the format to YYYY_MM ?

Hi @Lingzhi,

You can try formatting the PQL formula with the Formatting drop-down in the code editor:

The data will then be displayed in the format YYYY:MM

I hope this helps,


Data Science Team

Yes, I did same and preview is ok but when back to scatter plot chart, the format changed with a long date format …

Hi @Lingzhi,

I had a similar issue with variable format and found a way to write the date as a string in the following way:
DAY(TODAY()) || '.' || MONTH(TODAY()) || '.' || YEAR(TODAY())

Hope it helps.

BRS, Patrick