Celonis On Premise Version

Is there still innovation on the on-premise version?What major features is not available there compared with IBC?

Dear Kai,

We continue to be committed to our on-premise product. You will find that most innovations from our Execution Management System related to the core process mining technology are available in Celonis 4. Furthermore, we continue to enhance security, performance, and accessibility to ensure that customers can create impactful Process Analyses to measure their execution capacity and identify execution gaps.

Execution Apps, integrated ML capabilities, Automation as well as the Studio with its new functionalities will only be available in the IBC as they require advanced data scalability, continuous monitoring, and other technologies that are not accessible on-premise. If there are cloud-only capabilities that interest you, we would be happy to discuss with you in person which functionalities caught your attention and discuss our updated On-Prem to Cloud Migration Program.

Best Regards
Your Celonis Product Management Team

Thanks for the reply! So does the action engine available in Celonis 4.6? Since we can only handle Celonis OP version in China currently, I would like to understand more about the OP deployment - and we currently have a solid opportunity
I look forward to hear back from you and we can discuss further offline, please note my email address - kai.jiang@sap.com