Celonis mobile view

Hello Celonis Team,
is it possible to use celonis on iphone or ipad?
Could you give me some information about the mobile view from celonis.

Many thanks

Hello h.ayik!

The general navigation and web interface of the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud is built as a responsive web application that is compatible with mobile use.

The Celonis Analyses in particular are designed for desktop use primarily. The main decision factor for using it on mobile (phone or tablet) is your screen size. The process analytics to discover are build to dynamically interact between single components to allow a business analyst to drill down and dive into the process information. Therefore it will work on for example tablets with larger screens but will not work optimally on smaller screen phones.

Those end-user access points we see the demand more in the monitoring and enhance product portfolio within the IBC where the applications are optimized for mobile use.

Your Product Management Team!

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