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PI social has a nice filter feature called “View cases in” that converts into “Cases where XYZ is involved” filter. It seems to be a kind of attribute filter but I cannot find it and use it directly without PI social.

Any ideas for a workaround (Cel 4.2)?






If I understand you correctly then ‘XYZ’ is the name of the user you want to filter on?

I would suggest the following work around.

  1. Create a new variable (for example with the name ‘USERS’).

You can find do this by opening Analysis settings and going to the variables tab.

  1. Create a Button Dropdown component.

Select Load entries and write “[insert name of your activity table]”.“USER_NAME” in the black box. Next to write to variable, select your new variable. If you also want to filter the analysis on this tab by user then it is is very important you tick the box next to ‘Component not filtered with selections’.

If you want to be able to select more than one name at a time then it is necessary to set the separator to “,” (Comma) and the wrapping characters to “’” (single quotation mark). You will also need to tick the box next to ‘Allow multiple selections’.

If you add an appropriate title then the button should look like this:

  1. Open the sheet options on your case explorer tab (by clicking on the little wheel next to the tab name).

In the black box under "load entries" write:

FILTER "[Insert name of your activity table]"."USER_NAME" IN(<%= USERS %>)

Now the case explorer will only show cases where at least one activity has been carried out by one of the users you selected in the drop down.

I hope this helps,

Best wishes,

Calandra (Celonis Data Science Team)

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