CASE WHEN for multiple conditions

Hi team,

i am trying to write a CASE WHEN statement for a process explorer to show only the activities that satisfy a dropdown filter based on multiple selections.

Sample dataset:
(Case ID, Activity, Source,…)
Case1, Activity 1, Screen1,…
Case1, Activity 2, Screen1,…
Case1, Activity 3, Screen2,…
Case2, Activity 2, Screen1,…
Case2, Activity 4, Screen1,…
Case1, Activity 5, Screen3

I would like to be able to filter in a custom process explorer the activities only from a particular screen (e.g. filter dropdown: Screen1 and Screen 3–> only Activities 1, 2, 4 and 5 are shown on the process explorer).

My current query doesn’t allow me to select multiple conditions, and doesn’t work with the ‘IN’ function as well:



Hi Domenic,

what should work is a Component Filter in the process explorer with a defined variable:

FILTER "BOOKS_USER_05JUN"."SOURCE" IN (<%=yourvariable%>);

Then you can let a button dropdown choose the Screen values and write it to the above defined variable.
This should lead to only the activities for the respective Source type.

Best regards,

Celonis Data Science Team