Case Frequency vs Activity Frequency

Hello everyone

We were checking the description what stands for Case vs Activity Frequency
Case Frequency simply counts the number, that this activity is “hit” by any case, the Activity Frequency counts the distinct cases that pass this activity. The Activity Frequency will thus always be equal or smaller than the Case Frequency.
In reality, it looks the other way around
activities nr are higher

Case vs Activity Frequency.docx (533.0 KB)

thank you

Hi Tatiana,

I think you mixed up both KPIs. In the documentation (see “Process Explorer (Full Screen)” page):

Case Frequency: number of unique case keys associated to an activity or connection.

Activity Frequency: number of events associated to an activity or connection.

So in fact, Case Frequency will show you the distinct number of cases (thus the name “Case Frequency”), and therefore, the Case Frequency is equal or smaller than the Activity Frequency KPI.