"Cancelled Invoice" activity

Dear Celonis Community

I am trying to prepare for Accounts Parables an analysis which would show the cancelled invoices.
in my process explorer i dont have a dedicated activity “Cancel Invoice”
How would you ensure to show them, what specific filters would you apply?

Thank you

Hei @sulepovat,

Celonis Process Explorer does not always show all cases. You can show more cases by clicking the “+” symbol. You can click the “+” symbol until the process step that your are looking for appears.

If you only want to display cases where the Invoice was cancelled you can use filters, the so called “selections”. You have to choose “Activity Selection” and enter the process you want your cases to flow through into the field “Cases flow through”. Then you have to confirm the selection.
You will now see the process step “Cancel Invoice” in the process explorer (without clicking +) because all selected cases flow through the process step “Cancel Invoice”.

Let me know whether this is of any help to you or whether you still have some questions.

Best regards,

Celonis Data Science Team