Can you benchmark against other companies?


I just read an article which suggests that you can benchmark using (anonymised) data from other companies in Celonis, but I haven’t seen any details about this in the Analyst Training Track.

Is this possible? Where can I find the details?


Hi Maarten,

We have a working early access version that we can show for feedback to selected customers and partners, and we do have a first calculation on aggregated, anonymized data on AP, AR, P2P and O2C.

As we have many details to hammer out, in our roadmap a full public version is currently long-term (>12 months) away.

Please let me know if you’re interested in the early access and future beta program and we’ll get back.

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I would love to be in the early access and future beta program, but I’m not actually a Celonis customer (other than Snap), so I’m guessing it won’t be open to me :frowning:. Please tell me if I’m wrong though. In the meantime, thanks for your answer!

You’re correct in your guess - currently we only accept early access applications from current enterprise customers.