Calculate Throughput Time from Repeating process sequence

Hi All,

my problem:
I want to calculate the time between two process steps. These Steps are sometimes
very often within the process sometimes never. Also they can be linked directly without any acitvity steps between them. Furthermore there is the possiblity that hundrets of process steps are between them. Additionally it is possible that both activities are repeated immediatly. E.G:
Repeating Process Sequences like (A, B, C, D, B, D, D, C, E, F, …, D, C, C, D)
I would like to find the next “D” to every “C” and calculate the throughput time.
Looking forward to your answers.

Thank you! & Have a great weekend

Hi Markus,

you can use ACTIVITY_LEAD for that. This function will give you the next row for every row, skipping NULL values:

ACTIVITY_LEAD( CASE WHEN "Activities"."Activity" = 'D' THEN "Activites"."Eventtime" ELSE NULL END )

This will return you the timestamp of the next ‘D’ Activity for for every row in the Activity table. You can do a DAYS_BETWEEN/HOURS_BETWEEN… between the Eventtime column and the ACTIVITY_LEAD result to get the throughput time. You can apply a component filter to only see the throughput times for every ‘C’:

FILTER "Activities'.'Activity' = 'C';


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Hi David,

thank you so much for your help!
Already put the function in and it worked like a chram.