Calculate throughput for SOURCE/TARGET

Dear Colleagues,

a quick question. We can easily calculate either:
DAYS_BETWEEN(PU_FIRST(Activity1), PU_LAST(Activity2))
or use

but is there any easy way to calculate the throughput but for various cobmination of activities?
I used SOURCE(Activity) and TARGET(Activity) which gives me a table with combinations of activities, but I cannot add any KPI which would calculate the throughput for this combination.
So what I would like to achieve:
Source(activity) Target(actvity) Average Throughput time
A1 A2 3
A1 A3 2
A2 A4 5
and so on…

Hi Ksitarsk,

you can use

SOURCE("activities"."timestamp"), TARGET("activities"."timestamp")
) )

to calculate the avg throughput time in days for each edge between activities.


Thank you for the solution. It works as expected. I have one more question: is it possible to calculate the throuput inside the case from each acvity to the same target? In the example I am showing 1 case, where combination of source - target? So I would like to have a throuput from different preceding activities to the same target activity.

Something similar is available in case explorer, where all the timings are calculated to selected activity.


If I understand you correctly then you want the Average Throughput Time from all activities until say ‘Invoice posted’?

You can do that by setting a component filter:

FILTER TARGET(“activities”.“activity name”) = ‘Invoice posted’;

It’s just an idea but if you want to show the average time until different activities you could create a button drop down where the viewer can select an activity (load entries “activities”.“activity name”), which is written to a variable and used in the filter instead.

Best wishes,