Calculate Ratio of deleted purchase orders to all purchaseorders

Hi everyone,

I have a table with activites that are created at the purchase order item level. Each purchase order have a supplier. I would like to see what ratio of activites is deleted for given supplier. But not at the line item level but at the purchase order level.

I work with EKKO , EKPO Tables (EBELN, EBELP) and have both EBELN (Header) and EBELP (Position) in my activites table

for example::

PO Nr Position Supplier Activity PO Deleted
101 10 A X
101 20 A X
101 30 A X
101 40 A X
102 10 A -
103 10 B X
104 10 B

In that Case on Line Item level I get the Ratio for Supplier A - 80% Deleted and for B 50 % deleted. Actually the purchase order would always be deleted at the header level . So both A and B should have 50 %. I have tried that with pull activities but I do not get the right results.
I thought something in the direction:

and to bind it to supplier in the table.

Any help would be appreciated.