Calcuate Inactive Vendors in LFA1

Hi Everyone,

I have created an OLAP table with Dimension as “LFA1”.“NAME1”

Now I want to apply a Component Filter to know how many Vendors in this list we have not transacted (Invoice) in the Year 2019 and Year 2020

Need help what should be the exact Filter condition as I getting Syntax errors.


Hi Sudip,

since you want to see all vendors which did not have any invoice in 2019 and 2020, I would suggest to count the number of invoices per vendor in those years. You want to filter on those vendors where this count is zero.

FILTER PU_COUNT("LFA1", "BSEG"."DATE", YEAR("BSEG"."DATE") IN (2019, 2020)) = 0;

Here, “BSEG”.“DATE” is the date column that should be taken into account to determine the year of an invoice.


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Thanks David for the response…