Calc rework for creators

Hi Celonis Community!
I have a question about the ability to calculate the number of repeated actions for some indicator
in my situation, I want to count how many refunds are made per document within each document creator
field demension - the creator of the document (unchanged during processing)
kpi fields
1 column - the number of documents that were returned 1 time
2 column - the number of documents that were returned 2-3 times
3 column - 4-7 returns … and so on
returns - the number of events “Returned by the creator of the document”

I accomplished this task by making 2 tables. Highlighting the values ​​I need in the upper graph and looking at the creators in the lower table
is it possible to accomplish this using one metric?

Hi Artem,

I think that your approach is quite good, as you can filter in the chart above and the look in the table below. Combining both would be quite complex, I would recommend to proceed with your solution.
One other option I could think of is to use a pivot table to have two dimensions with the number of returns and the creators. But then you would loose the graphical representation.

Best regards,

Celonis Data Science Team