Button dropdown does not display all values when I "Load Entries"



For some reason, the Button dropdown component does not display all values for a particular field. I am comparing it to an OLAP table containing the exact same field. When I copy certain values from the OLAP table and search in the Button dropdown, it does not find them. I should add that none of these components have filters on them.

Is there a hidden limit in terms of values for the Button dropdown?



Hello Alex,

May I ask whether you are talking about the Intelligent Business Cloud or Celonis Process Mining 4 (and which Version if CPM4)?

What kind of values are you trying to display?



Hi Michael,

We are using Celonis Process Mining 4.2.0.

I am trying to display material numbers (“EKPO”.“MATNR”).


Confirmed in the thread below that the Button Dropdown is limited to the first 500 records in the field.