Best possible way to migrate task template or AE skills or Workspaces from one instance to another instance in the same team


If we need to migrate some of the activities like task Template or Action Engine Skills or some Workspace which is created in one instance treated as QA to another instance which is treated as PROD.
Both the QA and PROD are in different instance in the same instance.
PROD is being used by the business user which is in live and no changes can be done over the prod or any downtime will be entertained.

Hi there,

AE skills can be copied from one team to another team from the Skill list, by someone who has the corresponding permissions in both teams:

The teams have to be on the same cluster.

The Task Templates can’t be migrated in between instances at the moment. Feel free to create a feature request on out servicedesk on


Hello Viana,

Thank you for the reply let me try with the required permissions.