Average throughput time for a specific sequence of activities in perfomance analysis


For the sake of performance analysis, I want to create an OLAP table to cover the following aspects of a certain part of a process (Activity 1 -> Activity 2):

Performer Task Throughput time, days Percentage from a total workload
A Task 1 5 20%
A Task 2 1 80%
B Task 1 1 20%
B Task 2 2 70%
B Task 3 7 10%

There are a number of encountered problems however.

First, a standard THT KPI formula calculates only a difference between FIRST / LAST occurrences of an activity, thus it does not work for measuring time strictly between two activities taking into account all rework and process deviations (like Activity 1 -> Activity 3 -> Activity 4 -> Activity 2 ).

To overcome this issue, I used SOURCE / TARGET function, and it works when I just calculate the THT KPI only, but I have not managed to add other dimensions in the table (“no common parent between tables could be found”).

Second, to determine the ratio of a specific task among all of other tasks I – again - need to clean the number of cases as it turned out with throughput time (only cases witch follow direct sequence between Activities A to B can be taken into consideration).

Can anybody please give me some advice around this? What is important is to achieve the overall aim that is to provide information on performance efficiency (number of tasks and throughput time in relation to performers).

I am on Celonis 4.4 if that matters.

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Hey Maria,

I am not 100% sure on what you want to achieve but I think this OLAP will help you figure it out by yourself, I think you are on the right path, but with the wrong thinking.

As Dimension take your:

Then KPIs are as follows:


Throughput time, days:
DAYS_BETWEEN(SOURCE(Activity_Table.Event_Time), TARGET(Activity_Table.Event_Time))

Percentage of total workload:
DAYS_BETWEEN(SOURCE(Activity_Table.Event_Time), TARGET(Activity_Table.Event_Time))/
DAYS_BETWEEN(PU_FIRST(Performer_Table, Activity_Table.Event_Time), PU_LAST(Performer_Table, Activity_Table.Event_Time))

This table gives me for every case and every task their throughput time in days and their task respective % of the total workload. If this doesn’t solve your problem, please feel free to come back to the community and specify how each of your dimensions is related to each other and what exactly you want to find out.

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