Attribute is not searchable in analysis

I added a new attribute (column) to an already existing column.

I can see it in the schema:


and if I try to write the code in a data job:


But if I try to find it in the Formula editor in my analysis I cannot find it:


Any idea what could be wrong?

Thank you very much

From the above screen-shot
O2C_VBAK table have the EDIPartner column from Data Side, but to get the same into the analysis, the column needed to be in the table which we are taking in the Data Model.

If the table name is Sales Document Header Data, please recheck if the particular column has been added in the Transformation job

It is in the data model:


This is what you meant, right?

Yes, so the column of “EDIPartner” of the table VBAK has been pulled in the DM.
Can you please check if any alias name has been given for the table VBAK. And on the DM, the particular table has been synced on your last DM reload .


In the Add table section of the Analysis please select all tables or the alias table name given, it must be visible over there.

Hey, I just realized that the data model was indeed not reloaded, because there is a duplicate in the VBAK table that failed the foreign key relationships with the other tables… So trying to figure out the reason for that now!

thank you very much, you lead me to the route cause:)

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