Assigning variable's value to be the same as other variable

I want to implement drop-down button which sets the value of a ‘variable A’. Default option is to manually input the value to be assigned for ‘variable A’. If I ever want to change this value, I will have to go to each and every button that uses it and change it manually.

Instead I would like for it to take this value from already existing ‘variable B’ and assign it to ‘variable A’. This would mean that if I ever want to change this value, I just have to go to ‘variable B’ and change it once for it to be reflected and active in every button that uses it.

Is there any syntax that would allow this?

Hi Greg,

If I understand correctly, you want a Variable which you can set so all DropDown Buttons assign this value to another variable.

So what you trying to achieve is using the placeholder of a variable. You can type <%= variableB %> in the load entry editor. Then once you change the variable B in the Variables, it will change all dropdowns using this placeholder accordingly.

Best regards,

Benedict Lang

Hi Bene,
thank you for reply. In “button drop-down” when choosing “load entries” instead of “manual input” and inputing <%= VariableB %> it is indeed taking value from the VariableB and assigning it’s value to VariableA - which is what I wanted. Unfortunately this caused another issues for me:

1 - How can I still have a dropdown with option to choose between many variables to be loaded to VariableA. Lets say that I want to choose between VariableB and VariableC with this dropdown to be loaded into VariableA.

2 - How to display name of the variable (rather in it’s value) in the dropdown list? Perhaps there is a way to display custom name per variable? If VariableB = 100 and VariableC=200 I would like to see “VariableB” and “VariableC” (or even “B” and “C”) instead of “100” and “200”.

3 - Is there a way to change the values for more than 1 variable this way in one click in the dropdown? Lets say I chose “Variable B” from dropdown - I would like it to load values from VariableB to VariableA but also set another VariableX to text “Value Loaded”.

all of those points could be achieved when selecting “Manual Input” in the button dropdown menu but then I cannot use values from VariableB and VariableC as a value reference for VariableA.