ArrowIOError: Arrow error: Out of memory : Error while getting data using Python API

Hi All,

While trying to get data using Python API, I am getting below error : ArrowIOError: Arrow error: Out of memory: malloc of size 5823262912 failed.

I am using Query() method to extract data. Expected data shape is (20000,4) and using Celonis version 4.5

Please help with this error and share any related documentation.

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Hi Pushpendra,

Is it possible that there is not enough memory for this data? How much free memory does the computer have when you try to pull this data? (20000,4) should not take a lot, but maybe there are long texts in the data?

We also had problems sometimes with pyarrow version 0.14, if there is enough free memory, it could be that installing pyarrow 0.13 solves the problem.

Does this solve your problem?

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Simon Riezebos


Hi Simon,

I updated the pyarrow package to 0.15.1 and now it’s working fine.

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