App Store Webinars

In the following thread, recordings for the App Store Webinars will be posted.

10th of May #TechTalk:

  • Transformations: Custom & Non-Standard Timestamps
  • KPI Formulas: Master Data for Activities Table
  • Automation: Mass Transactions
  • App Store Usage: Help and App Store Documentation
  • Use Case: Quick Intro into Six Sigma
  • Behind the Scenes: Quality Assurance in the App Store

31st of May #BizTalk:

  • App Store Solution Package: Delivery Performance
  • New App - O2C: Online Orders
  • New App - P2P: Vendor Scorecard
  • New App - P2P: Contracts Quantity Exhaustion
  • New Process: S/4 Hana Connector
  • Status Check on Source System: SAP Ariba
  • Shout Out: App Store Platform Partner

27th of June #TechTalk:

  • Activities Master Data: Overview + Set up
  • Data Pools Documentation: Where to find it?
  • Segregation of Duties: Including more than 2 activities
  • PQL Explorer: Saved Formulas and KPIs overview
  • Behind the Scenes: ML Workbench Use Case

25th of July #BizTalk:

  • App Store Partners: Process Minery Introduction
  • App Store Accelerators: Purchasing Automation
  • New Process: Record to Report
  • New App: Payment Behavior for AP

29th of August #TechTalk:

  • On-Time Delivery Prediction with Machine Learning
  • Order to Cash Process Connector Update
  • Event Collection On Premises - App Store Current State
  • Did you know?
    • Start and End Timestamps
    • Tags in the App Store

26th of September #BizTalk

  • Introduction to App Store Solutions
  • Delivery Performance Solution
  • Purchasing Automation Solution
  • Production and Manufacturing Solution

14th of November #techtalks:

  • Introduction to Celonis Snap
  • Integration between Snap and the App Store
  • Snap Live Demo
  • Using Delivery Performance Solution in Snap

Link to all recordings via Dropox:



I wanted to watch it, but there is a message that the recording has been removed. Is there any other link to view it?

Hi ksitarsk,

The URLs work for me. You have to sign up before watching the recording. Can you tell me what is the specific issue or share a screenshot?


thank you for the answer.
So I enter the link, then I am asked to provide name, surname and email address.
Afterwards a message comes that webinar cannot be accessed.webinar error.docx (54.6 KB)

It seems to be all working from our side.

Could you share the specific URL you are trying to use? or do you have the problem in all the URLs?

Thanks for your interest!

We have added a link to Dropbox:

Let us know if this solves your issue.



I have also the same problem. I cant access to the vebinar videos.
The links are not working.

I would appreciate if you could solve this issue.

Thank you.


Hi Aziz,

Did you try the Dropbox link? It is open to the public and all the recordings can be found there.

Best regards,