App Store Webinars

In the following thread, recordings for the App Store Webinars will be posted.

10th of May #TechTalk:
-Transformations: Custom & Non-Standard Timestamps
-KPI Formulas: Master Data for Activities Table
-Automation: Mass Transactions
-App Store Usage: Help and App Store Documentation
-Use Case: Quick Intro into Six Sigma
-Behind the Scenes: Quality Assurance in the App Store

31st of May #BizTalk:
-App Store Solution Package: Delivery Performance
-New App - O2C: Online Orders
-New App - P2P: Vendor Scorecard
-New App - P2P: Contracts Quantity Exhaustion
-New Process: S/4 Hana Connector
-Status Check on Source System: SAP Ariba
-Shout Out: App Store Platform Partner

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