App Store is now the EMS Store with New Instruments

To power our next-generation platform, the Execution Management System, we’ve reimagined our old app store to support the next generation of execution apps & instruments. It is now the EMS Store.

Execution Apps & Instruments
Execution Instruments help you identify and measure execution gaps. Execution Apps
help you take action to resolve those gaps with a tailored experience for each
business user, from executives to individual contributors. You can tell which is which by the tag on each tile.

16 Fresh New Instruments
We’ve released 16 brand new execution instruments for SAP! We combined some of the best features in our existing analyses, plus added a bunch of new ones. The instruments are focused on the Purchase-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable processes. These instruments get downloaded directly to the new Celonis Studio to be linked to your data model. Analysts can then access them from the Business Views tab.

Process Connectors Have Moved
Don’t worry, they aren’t gone. We’ve moved them to Event Collection to enable a more seamless data connection experience.

New Ways to Search
You can now filter EMS apps and instruments by developer. Easily find content created by Celonis, or by a third party that you are working with.