Analyze your trello board in a Snap with integromat

In this article, I want to show you how you can analyze your Trello processes. You can apply the same logic for all the different integrations within integromat.

Integromat has integrations for almost everything for example Trello, Asana, Jira, Evernote, etc…! you can find all of them here:

First step: Extract the events from your Trello to a Google Sheet

You can skip this step by using the template in integromat:

Go to integromat and choose the system you are using for your processes in my case Trello and look for a trigger like: “Watch Activities”

Now connect to your Trello and chose the same options as shown below

Then add Google Sheet integration and choose “Add Row”

Then we need to configure what value we enter in which column of our Google sheet. For example, mine looks like this:

The only thing that I did in order to make it more sophisticated is that when you move cards from one list to another to add in the column “Activity” the activity “Move card to list: {{List After}}” other than that I store always the “Type of activity” in this column.

Now we simply need to enable it and let fill out our Google Sheet with data. For example, my Google sheet looks like this:

Second step: Analyse your Google Sheets with Celonis Snap

Login to your Snap Environment (if you don’t have one register here: and choose the Google Sheets Quickstart.

Add the URL of the Google Sheets and make sure that click the box “Reload your data daily” like it is shown below. This feature will extract your data daily from Google Sheets and will allow you to analyze your data daily.

Screenshot 2020-10-22 at 17.57.48

Choose which columns represent your CaseID, Activity and Timestamp.

After that simply open the automatically generated analysis and start building a more comprehensive analysis.