Analyst Exam help

Hello, I am trying to figure out which analysis I am supposed to use in the “Analyst Certification Exam” “practical Section” for questions that fall under “Your personal training environment for Analysis Building.” I ask because none of the questions that fall under that bucket (i.e., Use you knowledge of Analysis Building and you personal analysis") have tables matching the question. For example, one question asks us to add in the the entry date as a dimension (i.e., “BKPF”.“CPUDT”) but CPUDT does not exist in any of the training analysis we used. Another example calls for using “BSEG”.“SGTXT”, but SGTXT does not exist in the analysis used. Can someone please help?

Hi Ricardo,

You should use following data model: CelonisCertificationExam_AnalysisBuilding_2020/2021