Analysis of Usages of Cockpit; sheets etc. etc. to optimise cockpits.


Dear all,

We have setup some nice Cockpits but we are blind concerning:

  • Which users have used which cockpits
    (Users / Usergroups Days, Count per day, duration)
  • Which sheets are heavily used in Cockpits
    (Days, Count per day, duration).
  • Etc.
    Of couse all with good histograms and graphs to understand and optimise the usage.

I have this extremely “basic” iapi/telemetry
But this of course does not give any of this data.


Best Regards,


Hi Hans,

I can second your request! I’m also very interested in usage statistics.

You mention “I have this extremely “basic” iapi/telemetry” do you mean the Python API with this?
And did you try accessing the Celonis database directly?
I’m following both paths in parallel when time permits.

Kind regards,


Hi, Hans and Joos.

Have you checked access-log of Celonis? If enabled it will store date, username/group, analysis name.


Dear Nicolai,
Thanks for the Info, I will have a look at that logfile.
Since Celonis has so many graphs etc. I am more looking into a visual representation and drill down possibilities. With the python API you only get a list which you need to convert yourself.
I think this is a real pity at the moment…
But maybe something the PM of Celonis should look into…

Kind regards,


Hi Nicolai,
I had the opportunity to look at the server for this log-file and indeed you find this information. But to be honest; I expect to have a decent reporting within the application. It can not be that a have to look at a flat file; this is stone age for me (as a SAP user)…
The user Admin module should make this flat file readable and digestible.
And probably most important it does not adress my main topic… Which cockpits/analysis are being used and which are not. It would of course be great to see even which sheets are being used…

Best regards,


That should like be the simplest thing to do for Celonis. Using their own log files :wink:
Meta Meta !


Hi Hans,

I do agree that this information should be provided as part of admin interface. Out of curiosity I’ve done some experiments, so if you need data on user’s analysis access ASAP I can write up quick How-To.


Hi Nicks,

I would be interested in such a how-to!
Did you use the access-logs as input or the Celonis administration database?


Quick overview: I’ve configured access-log (Celonis has this option hidden deep in config files) to use database table instead of text file as destination, imported it into data model in the same way as you do with events log, and created additional dashboard. Statistics includes timestamp, user login, project + analysis name, so I can see how and when accessed the analysis.

I’ll try to write and post how-to next week.


Sounds great!
If it’s easy to write down for you: could you describe how to set this setting to DB? Then I can ask our admins to do this s.t. we collect this information ASAP.

Thanks for your willingness to help.


Ok, let’s do how-to in parts.

Here is steps for your admins:

  1. Create new table in your database and new user with the rights to write to the table. Here is creation statement I’ve used
    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS celonis_logs.access_logging
    log_timestamp timestamp,
    log_profile_id varchar(32),
    log_username varchar(256),
    log_firstname varchar(256),
    log_lastname varchar(256),
    log_email varchar(256),
    log_analysis_id varchar(256),
    log_analysis_name varchar(256),
    log_folder varchar(256)
  2. Find file cpm4/component_configurations/
  3. Copy it to cpm4/component_configurations/
  4. Edit copied file according to comments inside it (you need to enable database logging, specify database connection string, username & password, adjust insert statement to match table name you have created)
  5. Restart Celonis application server to read new configuration
  6. Ask someone to open analysis and check if new two has been added to db
  7. If nothing happened check standard application log for errors (cpm4/logs/stdout for Linus installation, not sure for Windows one - check manual), for errors (usually typos in config) fix’em and restart Celonis app server


Thanks a lot for the quick reply, I forwarded it to our sys admins.