Analysis of process variantes over time


I’m curious to hear if someone already investigated the question with Celonis whether and how process variantes develop over time. The classical variant explorer allows me a view on all data, but it could be interesting to see how a certain process evolved over a longer period of time, means if new process variants show up or some variants disappear. Also the connection to changes in the reference process or in the supporting IT systems could be relevant to understand how an organisation deals with process standards and changes.


Dear @ojoeres ,
after talking to my colleague Mr. Meindl, I hope this topic has been addressed in one of your last workshops. There was a customer example where the number of variants were analyzed & improved over time.

Best, Valentin


Yes, thanks for your reply. Manuel showed me a standard KPI to count the no. of variantes. This is a good starting point.


Hi @ojoeres,

more about variants was discussed in this topic:

Let us know if you have any further ideas and questions on this topic.