Analyses Permissions


Is there any better way to get analyses permissions than manually checking each one?
I tried using csv file available in permissions section in celonis, but it doesn’t give enough information to distinguish analyses with the same name (but in other workspaces).

Is there a way to distinguish those analyses? If not, then is there other way to get information about permissions?

Hi Tomasz,

You are right, unfortunately right now there is no way to distinguish the permissions of Analysis in different workspaces but with the same name in the csv file. Right now the only option is to check those cases in the IBC manually.
Also keep in mind that you can set permissions for complete workspaces, which might help to better organize your permissions.
I also suggested to the development team to include the workspace of the analysis into the csv file and this might get changed in the future, so thank you for pointing out this issue Tomasz!

Best regards,
Celonis Data Science Team

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I found solution with pycelonis

It doesn’t give direct results, but with:
I was able to get all the data I wanted.

But, now that I have a solution, I wonder if you can use those api requests to change the permissions from inside the python code?