Always display certain activity in Process Explorer

I want certain activities always displayed in Process Explorer.

I’m tackling web access log with Celonis.
CVR (user ratio who apply to our service) on our website is lower than 1%, so conversion activity is very rare.
When I want to see conversion activity in PE, I must adjust the slider of activity up to almost top.
As you know, when I do that, the process view get complicated with other unwanted activities.

I want to keep the slider of activity low with arbitrary activity always displayed.
Is there any way to do that?

Hi @t.ichikawa,

Did you try the eye-icon on the far left of the process explorer, and checking the box before the conversion activity? This will make it visible in the process explorer.

It might be that this change is undone the moment you change the activity and/or connection slider, but at least it is something.

Thank you joosbuijs.

I know the eye-icon. But I have over a hundred distinct activities, so if possible I’d like a solution without eye-icon.

If anybody knows other solution, please tell me.

An alternative could be to use a variable with a list of activities you want to show.
Then use the process explorer component, with a custom dimension definition where you show the activity name if the name is in the list (stored in the variable), and returns NULL if it is not in the list.
The variable list of activities can be changed by the user through a dropdown component if you want.
Note that you need to set the separator symbols correctly.

I know this is a very short explanation, but hopefully will set you off in the right direction :slight_smile:

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Hi @t.ichikawa

Depending on your situation, you could introduce a component filter with:

FILTER PROCESS EQUALS ‘Conversion_Activity’;

This way only cases which include this activity are displayed. If you have more than one Activity which should be considered, use a variable how @joosbuijs discribed instead with a list of activities you want to show and set the component filter on:


Both of these solutions only display cases with this activity/Activities included, so you will see an other happy path than usual. Please indicate in the title of the component that it is prefiltered, e.g. by calling it ‘Process Explorer: Successful Conversion’. This way other users always know why and how something different is displayed.

Best Regards,


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Hi joosbuijs and Bene.

These advices of custom dimension and filter features simplified my complicated process view a lot.
Thank you!