Aggregrate across columns


I have a table with these two columns: “Name” and “Total Net Value”. The dimension is a simple column (NAME1) from the “KNA1” table. The KPI “Total Net Value” is calculated as follows:


Now, i should get all customers with the total net value. This should be fine. Next step, I want to create a custom KPI which should give me a cumulative sum of total net values from all customers. So, every row should have the same cumulated number in the third column. I want to archieve this with the global function. But unfortunately, this function can not handle PU_X function as aggregation… How can I solve my problem here?

Thank you in advance!


welcome to the Celonis Community, and thanks for reaching out.

I think you have two possibilities here:

  1. create a static value variable, containing the SUM("KNA1", "VBAP"."NETWR_CONVERTED"). Note that this will take the analysis load script filter into account, but no other Filters or Selections.
  2. First of all, I think you can simplify your KPI: PU_SUM("KNA1", "VBAP"."NETWR_CONVERTED"). This should also work. In order to sum all values up using a PU function, you can create a DOMAIN_TABLE with exactly one row, for example like this: PU_SUM(DOMAIN_TABLE( "VBAP"."NETWR_CONVERTED"*0 ), "VBAP"."NETWR_CONVERTED") . On the IBC, you will very soon be able to use the new CONSTANT() function instead of this DOMAIN_TABLE to get this behavior.

Let me know if you encounter any problems!