Adding Documents or Attachments to the Dashboard


Hello Celonis community,

I am looking for a technical solition how I can add a simple file (e.g. pdf) next to the diagramms on the dashboards?
Sometimes the diagramms needs some extra information / explanation for the user.

I tried the “Button” with the option “Show Message” but this is not satisfying.

All ideas welcome. Thank you.

Kind regards



You can use a text box (URL) with a link to your pdf file.



Hi Brunorib,

thanks for the good idea, but this would only work if I store the document / pdf file on an external share? I could not upload the document like a picture (jpg, bmb).

Kind regards


Hi Robert,

We cannot display a PDF directly in the analysis UI.
Maybe it would work to upload it as a .png or .jpg using the image component? You can find the image component in the section of the design components:

Best regards,