Add new's Activities on table _CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES


I have to add new activities to the existing _CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES table, which was also used for analysis.

After i insert the new activities, i make some selects to check the data and appers that is correct.

After that somes ok.

But when i go to add the new activitie in my analysis from Workspaces, in the new sheet i try to create a new selection, but don’s appear the new activities that i insert on the table.

If i execute an instruction on SQL i see the activity on table, but on the analysis don’s have that.

Did I miss any step to do, i need to make a some regeneration table or some like that?

Thanks all

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Please Reload the data to the data model by going to
Process Data Model>>Data Loads

Then check. It will work.

Warm Regards,
Jayanta Borkakoti

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Hi Jayanta,

Thank you, it’s working.
i was thinking that i needed Reload only when i adding news tables on Process Data Models, but i wrong.

Thanks for your help.

Fábio Venâncio

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