Adapt Process explorer #count activities also for "header" activities


Dear Community,

We implemented in our Event table a new column which counts all activities correctly. A header activity like “Credit Block” or “Send Sales Order” are now counted correctly among all the items. Meaning wenn I have 10 items each Header activity gets only a count of 0,1.
We now face a severe follow-up problem in the process explorer / Variant explorer. These do not use the new columns and give wrong results.
How to fix this?

Many thanks,
H van der Zandt


Hi Hans,

have you implemented a new custom KPI in the tab “Process explorer KPIs”?

Please create a new KPI here which uses the new column in your event table.

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Thanks we implemented the work around with a custom KPI.
I think this should be solved in Standard not by workarounds.

best Regards Hans.


Dear Hans,

actually this is not only a workaround but rather the best practice solution. You have to incorporate here a Priori knowledge on which Activity happens on Item, Header or maybe Customer level. This is not known in general for any process, but rather domain and source system specific. In your use case of SAP ECC and Order-to-Cash, your suggested solution makes sense. Celonis offers you also the functionality to deal with this requirements by the Custom KPIs in the Process Explorer.

In the opinion of the App Store this is most relevant when looking on Automation or Productivity Use Cases. Here you are looking on the potential of single activities and we are using a formula like this.


This ensures you are counting on the activity always to your needs, Header or Item Level. The Con is actually the lines will not sum up to zero on the intersections as you are counting different entities.

We are also thinking about introducing a new column in our Transformations where we specify the level of each activity. Would this be helpful for you?

Best, Anton


Dear Anton,

Thanks for your comment.

In our Project we spend actually quite some money to get the “header bug” solved. The basic idea is simple. You extend the activity table with a new column. The content represents the amount of activity for this item.
During the SQL Execution this column is filled. Header activities are detected immediately you do not need to know on forehand if you are handling a header activity. Depending on the amount of items you get according Max. 1 or lower values. For example with 10 items for a delivery block this column gets for this activity and for each item the value 0.1. But since this was all done in a customer project, this is theirs IP I am afraid.Of course it is up to Celonis to start the discussion. I think this new way of calculating Header activities is something every Celonis Customer needs as a standard.

This logic is generic as I see it, we will implement this to all our other datamodels.
That is the reason why I claim that the “not recognition of Header Activities” is a huge bug.
We have orders (projects) with a few hundreds lines. You can image what happens if that those runs 10 times on a credit block. We see a huge mess. And everybody said this can not be solved.
It was done but only by only by using a different thinking then the creators of the problem.
(Thanks Oleh!)

Best Regards,