Activity Production Finished in O2C


Hey Celonis community,

Did anyone include the activity ‘production finished’ in the O2C process (for MTO materials)? Or knows a way to link this?



Hey Niklas,

This is normally a status update so it can be found in JCDS. This needs to be linked to the production order (in my case it was done with a prefix CONCAT(‘OR’, AUFK.AUFNR) = JCDS.OBJNR). The production order then needs to be linked to the sales order item either through AFPO.KDAUF/KDPOS or AUFK.KDAUF/KDPOS.


Hello Niklas,

I have the same requirement and we will start working on a solution soon.
At the moment we are thinking in 2 solution directions:

  • using the system status in the proces order as indicated by Linda
  • using the first Goods Issue ( movement type 101) of the finished product
    • This is more aligned with the Production Planning model

Will keep you informed on the progress we make building the solution.