Activity counts in PivotTable not working correctly



I have a PivotTable with activity name (horizontal) and resource (vertical) as dimensions.
I have case count as KPI, this works as expected. Activity count however returns ‘1’ in each cell which is non-zero. Using COUNT_TABLE() works correctly however.

Any logical reason why this happens?

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Hi Joos,

could you please specify what kind of process you are looking at and which dimension you mean by resource (table name and column)?



The same here. You need to use a count_table(“Activity_Table”) and i also wondering why. Does it show the number of distinct activities when i use count(“activity_table”.“activity”)?


Hi Henry,

Sorry for not noticing your reply before.

We are using a custom dataset (so not a SAP mapping). Resource in this case was employee: I was looking to see if certain activities where performed by only a subset of employees, and vice versa.



Thanks for your question.

This issue will be solved in Celonis 4.5 where you can do a count based on column values.
In previous versions you have to do the calculation via COUNT_TABLE, just like you already described.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks for your clarification @v.kalversberg, another reason to upgrade :slight_smile: