Activity count with respected variants in OLAP table



I have a problem with activities count. In the OLAP table, On dimensions “Variants” and On KPIs “Case Count”, “Activities Count” is added. I need some explanation regarding activities count with respective variants. As i know a specific set of activities followed by a case is called the case’s variant. But in my example the "9 "activities followed by the variant, since it has two cases then it will be 18 activities but as activities count filter shows me that i have 27 activities for 1 variant. Could you please explain me how this activities count will happen w.r.t each variants.

Please have a look in the attachment for more details.


Is there more Explanation is needed for this problem ? Could you please help me out this suitation


Hi RJ033,

could you check the two cases and look whether they have loops(activities occurring more then once in a row)? I believe these are ignored by the variation function.



Hi @h.boeddeker,

Thank you so much for your reply.
I have checked the loop, “Create Delivery” is repeated more than 2 times i.e 8 times but in the case variant it shows me only 2 times and the overall activities count list looks fine. As you said, if these are ignored by the variant function. how should i overcome this or How should i solve this issue?

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Hello Rahul,

please excuse the late reply. For this purpose you can use the VARIANT() function. I attached an example below. However this functionality is quite new so I am not sure whether the function works as intended for this use case in all versions.



Thank you so much for your reply. In my case I have a default Variant function i.e. KPI (“Process Varaints”) which is given by Celonis. I think this function displays all the activities for the each case variant. Here I will attach one more example, so that you will understand more detail. After seeing this, my impression is Variant function is not working properly.

Meanwhile, could you please tell me how this variant function KPI(“Process Variants”) filter is set up in our analysis?
What is the best filter is used to have a look on all activities for each case variant?

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Hi Rahul,

the standard process KPI(“Process Variants”) is defined by the following code:

SHORTENED(VARIANT( activity_column ))

That means for cases that have a sequence of 3 or more rework activities, they are shortened to a simple loop:

Most probably that’s what happened for the Create Delivery activity.
But to avoid the variants to get shortened, you can just use the formula VARIANT() e.g. VARIANT(“Table1”.“ACTIVITY”)

For more information, please to go the manual which is located in the help button on the top left corner of the celonis interface. You can then look in the search field for that function.