ACTIVITY COUNT ON HEADER LEVEL- Aggregation on different dimension

Hi ,

I would like to build a Overview where I need to have the count of Activity on header level for different dimension.

For Example: I want to have a Olap table as per below.
Column 1:Plant
Coulmn2: Number of Purchase order header.
column3: sum of Count of activity for these purchase order at header level.

This is for P2P use case. Where few activities are at header level but the use case is built on item level. So the count get multiplied by the number of item which I want to avoid.

Hi Roshan,

in order to count the number of Activities on Header level you would need to specify which activities you want to include in the count manually.
Use could use:

PU_COUNT(EKKO,"_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES".“ACTIVITY_EN”, “_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN” IN (‘Change Currency’, ‘other specified Activities on PO Level’))

In the last part you need to include all your activities on Header level.

For the case count on header level you can use


Hope this helps.

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Data Science Team

Hi Team,

Thanks!, I want to further do the aggregation on different dimension like country ,region plant. when I put sum with this formula it doesn’t seem to work. So I have 2 columns as shown below.

COLUMN2: SUM( PU_COUNT(EKKO,"_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES".“ACTIVITY_EN”, “_CEL_P2P_ACTIVITIES”.“ACTIVITY_EN” IN (‘Change Currency’, ‘ other specified Activities on PO Level ’)))