Accessing the documentation


I often want to consult the documentation, mainly the (new) PQL docs.
However, I can only access this through Celonis->help->manual. If I go to the URL ( directly it asks me to login, but does not offer me a way to register and my existing Celonis accounts do not work.

Request: allow account creation s.t. access to the Celonis documentation is easier.



Hi Joos,

I am with you, this is most likely confusing for quite some users accessing the help via direct links. I see you know already that we authenticate through the link to the help in your CPM4 (Celonis Process Mining 4.x) instance. For security reasons we do not share any of your login information with the help-page, therefore a different login than through the CPM4 link will not be possible. (The help is hosted on a separate server)

Still, I think your message is very valuable: I will change the log in screen of the help page so it is clear that Celonis accounts won’t work and users have to login to CPM4 and follow the link.




Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply, and looking forward to your suggested changes.