About the Celonis Academic Alliance

The Celonis Academic Alliance empowers students and teachers with a variety of educational process mining materials and resources, as well as academic research support.

We launched the Celonis Academic Alliance in partnership with the world’s leading universities to empower and encourage the process miners of tomorrow to share in learning and experiencing the power of process mining across the globe. We are excited to now offer you an opportunity to interact even more directly with fellow researchers and students through our community.

This section contains the following three areas - please create new topics in these areas:

  • Researchers and Educators: Our home for researchers of all disciplines interested in Process Mining. Discuss scientific topics and project ideas, and feel free to use our opportunities for academic-industry exchange.
  • Students: Your home if you are writing a thesis on Process Mining, if you are working on a student project, or if you are just curious about what is possible with Celonis. Feel free to interact with your fellow students and ask questions. Researchers are warmly invited to interact with our students as well!
  • Alumni: If you are a former student and have worked with us on your thesis or student project, this is your home. Stay in touch about events and opportunities, and talk about what you are doing now.
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