Ability to export All Team Members and Group membership in IBC?

Is there a way or option I’m not aware of to export all team members from the IBC? Additionally, is there a way to export all team members associated with a group?

We are trying to find an efficient way to maintain IBC user membership as we work with company new hires and separations. We would also like a way to be able to obtain user email address who are members of a specific group so we can communicate changes to them.

Currently, I don’t see a way to export or run a report on users in the IBC which is causing us to manually copy and paste from the IBC web interface page by page and piece it together individually to get a list of email addresses which is cumbersome and clunky. The SaaS environment (v4.4) has a COPY feature in the user browser which copies all user names and email address to the clipboard but I’m not seeing similar functionality in the IBC. If there is nothing available from within the IBC web interface itself, is there perhaps a way to pull user information via an API or other means?

Any help or insight would be very much appreciated.

Hey @DallasSweazy,
you can head to “Team Settings” -> “Permissions”.
There, on the top right you can export all Users, Groups and their permissions as CSV. This also includes Email adresses.
Hope this helps!
Let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you for this information Nicolas, I will use this export feature going forward.

Question: Is there any way possible to have the Export to CSV code changed to include the user name and email address in two separate columns?

Thinking ahead, anytime I or anyone else uses this feature, we will need to do ‘text to column’ or something similar in Excel to extract out just the email address.

Having the Export to CSV code feature adjusted to accommodate this would save everyone the time and trouble of doing this after each export.