ABC function filtering the results



We are trying to filter some data using ABC function. We are working on a OLAP table where we have in first two columns dimensions, in first some list of vendors, second column is ABC function and in the last one we have KPI counting table of number of documents created for every vendor.
ABC is created to sort vendors to three groups. First, ‘A’, is the group that have been responsible for creating 70% of the docs, second for 20%, and third for the rest.

Our problem here is that we want to click on one of the ‘A’ or ‘B’ and select all the vendors assigned to this filtered group. We created also the pie chart and put ABC function there but it is not working as it should.

The ABC formula is crated like this:

  WHEN ABC(COUNT_TABLE("TABLE"), 0.7, 0.2) = 1 THEN 'A' 
  WHEN ABC(COUNT_TABLE("TABLE"), 0.7, 0.2) = 2 THEN 'B' 
  ELSE 'C' 


It would be really nice if we can select whole ‘A’ or ‘B’ or ‘C’ group by one click and then analyze all the vendors form selected group only.

Is there a solution for this? Do We have wrong understanding of the ABC function or is it a bug?


Dear Jany,

could this problem be related to the following issues?
ABC New function

You might have to calculate the count for each vendor first using a PU_COUNT function.
Based on this, you can apply the ABC-function.

Best regards,


Dear Kerstin

Thank You for replay and I can tell that using PU_COUNT solved our problem :slight_smile:

Best regards