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We have issues with selecting ABC shares from dimension column which doesn’t contain PU formula. Is it a bug or have someone make some workaround?

We were trying to make a ABC formula which will tell as a ratio of invoices according to the sender (vendor) and receiver (company). When we make this formula with PU_SUM then, as You can see on the screen, selecting of share is possible. But when make it with only SUM, then selecting is not accessible.


I can tell that ABC_simple is always follow the number of #Paper column, what is the behavior we want to achieve. This is the column we want to pick up from and filter according to this.
The ABC_V_Paper is correct only if we turn off Company column, and ABC_CC_Paper is sorted well when the vendor column is turned off. That’s because V is made in this way: FILTERED_ABC(PU_SUM (“LFA1”… and CC this way: FILTERED_ABC(PU_SUM (“BUKRS2Region”…

The main goal is to be able to select A or B or C from the column “simple” because this is the column which reflects our amount of invoices.

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Dear Jany,

you correctly noticed that the data in an Celonis analysis cannot be filtered on a KPI created by using a standard aggregation function e.g. SUM, AVG, …
The reason for this behaviour is that the result of an aggregation function is updated with every filter that is set. So if you were able to filter on the result of a standard aggregation function, it’s value would be updated according to the filtered dataset, but then the current filter would not show valid data anymore.

When using a PU-function instead, you create a “virtual column” with a fixed value which is not updated when setting filters. Therefore, Celonis allows you to filter on the result of a PU-function.

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Dear Gottelt,

Unfortunately, with PU function I cannot choose both, vendor and CostCenter, and then have ABC formula on this set of values. Isn’t there a way to combine those with a sum of invoices and be able to filter it on ABC?