Content Guidelines

What the Celonis Community is for:

  • Asking and answering questions about Celonis and its applications
  • Networking with other Celonis users within and outside your organisation
  • Contributing your knowledge and experiences to the Celonis community
  • Sharing your ideas and providing feedback
  • Keeping up with important announcements and events

What the Celonis Community is NOT for:

  • Defaming Celonis, its prodcuts, employees, customers, partners or anyone else
  • Promoting your or another company‚Äôs products and services
  • Sharing sensitive or confidental materials, including any commercial details
  • Posting links to external sites that violate this Code of Conduct

Posting Etiquette

Search before you post - Before posting please double check existing documentation to avoid multiple posts on the same subject. The search function helps you to find the answers you need!

Consider general content guidelines - Make sure you have read the Celonis Community content guidelines before creating a post.

Be professional - Celonis Community members should treat each other respectfully and politely. Consider your tone when approaching discussions, even ones where disagreements emerge.

Be specific - Formulate your questions as clear as possible and provide the community the resources and context needed to understand your problem.

Use English - To ensure that everyone understands you, please communicate only in English within this forum.

Be patient - Give the community some time to answer your question.

Be responsive - When your question has been addressed, please provide appropriate feedback to the members who replied.

State your source of knowledge - Please let the community know where you got your information from.